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"I had been experiencing sinus pain around my eyes and eyebrows so severe it hurt to even apply makeup, along with congestion, sensitivity to light, and the worst headaches of my life. I felt like a zombie. My doctor diagnosed a sinus infection and gave me a prescription for flonase.

I happened to have a massage scheduled, so before I filled the prescription I went for a massage and relayed all of my symptoms to Julia. She spent significant time massaging my face, including around my eyes and eyebrows, and my skull, where she immediately honed in on the exact muscles that were triggering my terrible headaches. I experienced relief immediately after that massage and in the following 48 hours. After a follow up massage the following week, the headaches and pains around my eyes were gone and I was back to normal. And, without medication.

I am very grateful and happily testify to the healing power of massage and to Julia's talents as a massage therapist."

- Ann C. Newton MA

"I have been going to Marla for several months now. As the mother of a young child, I am constantly aggravating my lower back. Marla has been able to ease the pain and help relieve my everyday stress. She is professional and caring. I cannot recommend her enough. Thanks Marla!"

- Amy, Maynard, MA

"As a personal trainer dealing with muscles on a daily basis, I had heard much about the benefits of a deep tissue massage but had never experienced one for myself. Yesterday I finally decided to give it a try and my friend referred me to Julia at East West. With Julia the massage certainly lived up to the hype! My muscles had been very tight and full of knots due to heavy weight training but Julia's massage relieved those problems. I am feeling as flexible and agile as ever thanks to Julia!"

- Pat S. , Fitness Trainer Boston MA

"Julia has been a miracle worker! I have had chronic neck and lower back pain for some time and she has done an amazing job in helping me "work it out". She takes her job seriously and it is reflected in her clear knowledge of the body and muscular therapies that can be applied. I'd recommend her any day!"

-Melissa O. , Watertown MA

""She paid a lot of attention to the knots in my back. She took a lot of time and care to
the areas where I store my stress. I really like her techniques! Marla was great with the
details and I felt really taken care of."

- Karen, Acton,MA

"It was one of the most therapeutic massages I've ever had. I have chronic pain in my back and neck, and on the day of my massage those areas were especially tight and painful.

 Julia was fantastic. I left feeling 85% better, and up to 90% improved the following day. I receive PT 2 x a week and sometimes that sets me back as I am doing strengthening exercises. I can't wait for my next appointment. I am cancelling my membership with Massage Envy." -

- Mary Ann B., Newton MA

"Marla really did all and more that I requested. Her work on my feet is excellent! She
has a lovely, calming manner and also a caring attitude. It was was pleasant."

- Linda, WatertownMA

"Julia was a terrific massage therapist delivering a great combination of relaxation with relief of some tight muscles. I felt great during the massage and terrific afterward! Thank you, Julia...I will certainly be back!"

- Stephen B. ,Sharon MA

"Marla helped with the severe pain in my quadriceps, she relieved the ongoing pain in
my shoulders. Extremely pleased with my massages."

- Claudia, Lexington MA

"Julia was terrific - she listened carefully to my concerns and then gave me a fabulous massage. I have booked another appt. with her and look forward to that date on my calendar!"

-Laura , Boston MA

"I had an extremely stressful day and this massage greatly helped me to relax and calm
down. I found the neck and shoulder work particularly helpful. Marla was very good at
finding my areas of stress and working them out. Thanks!"

-Sarah, Watertown MA

"This was definitely the best massage I have ever had! My back, neck and hips/thighs are not as tight as before and I am not sore at all. Julia really focused on my problem areas loosening them. I might very well be coming back to your studio before I leave on August 10."

- Laurine I. , Allston MA

"First massage therapist ever to focus on my rhomboids! I get massages often and this
was the most relaxing Iʼve ever had. Marla is great!!"

-Gina, Belmont MA

"Julia is great. She listens carefully and attended to my needs with great skill and precision. I have had back and shoulder problems as of late that seemed to dampen my potential at weight-lifting at the gym. After a few sessions, I was able to lift 20-30 lbs more than I used to!"

- Jonathan W., Boston MA

"Marla was able to help me understand where my ʻproblemʼ areas are and what could
be causing them."

- Cheryl, Newton MA

"I was refered to Julia with terrible neck, shoulder, and back tension/pain. I was amazed at the results of her massage work and her neuromuscular techniques. I began to feel better after my first session, and continued to feel great after follow up appointments. 

Julia is incredibly knowledgeable about massage work and she shares her knowledge with you to better inform you to help you care for your body/muscles. Not only did she help relax while on the table, she also gave me tips and advice to better my strained muscles at home.

My massages with Julia have helped me to gain awareness of specific muscles and breathing, ultimately helping to positive impact the way I feel on a daily basis! I would recommend her to anyone looking for a wonderful massage experience!!!"

- Sara S. , Brighton MA

"I was desperate for a massage to release my upper back and neck muscles and Julie was simply perfect. Having lived on the west coast for some time and having had LOTS of massage, Julie is a natural at finding the points of tension and teasing them out."

- Cathy P., Newton MA

"The massage was just great. This was my first neuromuscular massage and the effect is for real that prolongs and cures core part unlike chiropractic which needs to be combined with massage therapy in my opinion which I recently learned."

- Nobu O., Boston MA

"Julia gave a fabulous relaxation massage. I could tell that she really enjoys her profession; it came across in how she attended to my needs and asked the right questions about any ailments in advance. Definitely one of the best massage sessions I have had."

- David Y, Brookline MA